Head Office: 250.767.6457

About Us

Full Force Drilling is a contract core drilling company; we have competitive rates and skilled drillers with years of experience working on the toughest ground this plant has to throw at us. A large percent of jobs we do are remote access and poor ground conditions providing our crews with experience on every type of terrain. The drills we offer are versatile, from skid to fly with ease.

Here at Full Force Drilling we have a great preventative maintenance program so that very little down time is ever on the job. All tools, vehicles and equipment are regularly maintained to reduce the risk of injuries to workers or damage to property. We are committed to Health, Safety and the Environment in all aspects of our operations. We continue to evaluate risk reduction and implement the suggested improvements.
A diamond drill remains the best “truth machine” for ascertaining the geological structure grade and tonnage of mineral deposits. Full Force Drilling gives a cost efficient way to drill and always ensures great success on all jobs.

Our History

Full Force was incorporated in 2004, putting its first hole in the ground on Vancouver Islands. Full Force is now well established in Canada and continues to grow every year expanding our customer base across Canada and into the US.

Full Force Drilling is a family run business, starting with one drill that a father and son team ran to now over 30 skilled employees with extensive years of experience; Dan and Josh Hill’s number one priority is to keep in close contact with all clients to ensure great success on all jobs.