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What we do at full force

Full Force is a diamond drilling, mineral exploration company. The Full Force drill crew has experience ranging from three to twenty plus years working with some of the toughest ground. The drills we offer are versatile, from skid to fly with ease.

Our equipment is steadily maintained on and off the job to keep down time minimal. We at Full Force give a cost efficient way to drill all ground the earth can throw at us. Dan and Josh Hill’s number one priority is to keep in close contact with all clients to ensure good success on all jobs.

Full Force embraces health, safety and the environment and is continually looking for better ways to make a difference. In such is now a Member of the CDDA (Canadian Diamond Drilling Association) and are on the list to DEC, the Drilling Excellence Certification (DEC) offered by the CDDA. Full Force has a full time health and safety advisor who is on the cutting edge to make a difference within the company on all jobs they step foot on. Full Force is also in the process of being ISO 14001 certified to take the extra step above and beyond the necessary requirements.

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Winners of: 2013 Class B Overall Safety Award for Surface Drilling

Full Force Drilling is committed to Health, Safety and the Environment in all aspects of our operations. Protecting the personal health and safety of each worker is Full Force Drilling primary importance. Our employees are a valuable asset and for that reason our safety program is of the outmost importance.

In fulfilling this commitment to protect both people and the environment, Full Force Drilling will provide and maintain a healthy and safe work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements, and will strive to eliminate any foreseeable health and/or safety hazards which may result in property damage, incidents or personal injury/illness.

Full Force has implemented numerous safety awareness initiatives, training being a key element....Read More


Certified in Drilling Excellence

We have successfully been certified in Drilling Excellence Certification by the CDDA. Our commitment to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality has been proven and recognized in our management systems to obtain this certification within the DEC standard. We will continue to strive to be above and beyond industry standards to provide the best diamond drilling service available to our customers.